Belly Fat Seminar
January 8 or January 22
Space is Limited – Call To Reserve Your Spot Today*
*Space Will Be Filled On a First Come – First Seating Availability! 


Strive for a Better Quality of Life in 8 Weeks With Perry Chiropractic Health Center

“Amazing, life changing! There are so many diet programs out there and none of them were working. They told me WHAT to do and HOW to do it and it just changed my life!”*
-Abbie, 8 Weeks to Wellness Client

*Results may vary. No individual result should be seen as typical.


Discover a Potential Solution to Your Pain and a New Approach to Wellness at Our Perry Chiropractic Clinic

You may find relief from your pain and a new approach to maintaining your health from a wellness standpoint rather than taking a reactionary approach by participating in Perry Chiropractic Health Center’s innovative 8 Weeks to Wellness® program. This revolutionary program is offered in Perry by Dr. Brian Gillis, who is passionate about helping his patients learn to eat, exercise and care for their bodies all the time, as opposed to only seeking care when something goes wrong.

The 8 Weeks to Wellness® treatment program was created by Dr. Dane Donohue and Dr. Denise Chranowski, and we’re proud to be an early adopter of this potentially life-changing system.

Seek Wellness with Perry Chiropractic’s 8 Weeks to Wellness® Program

Comprehensive Chiropractic Services in Perry

Perry Chiropractic Health Center is a leading chiropractic practitioner offering an array of proven treatments and state-of-the-art equipment to address their patient’s pain. Our chiropractic treatments include, but are not limited to:
  • Chiropractic Adjustment
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation
  • Cervical Traction
  • Strength Training
  • Neuromuscular Re-education
  • Resistance Training
  • Intersegmental Traction
  • Ultrasound
  • Nutritional Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Custom Molded Orthotics
  • Laser Therapy
  • Muscle Stretching
  • Spinal Care Classes
  • Massage Therapy
  • 8 Weeks to Wellness®
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