8 Weeks to Wellness

8 Weeks to Wellness

Discover Perry Chiropractic Health Center’s 8 Weeks to Wellness® Program

Patient Testimonials:
“I feel fantastic”* -Lisa, 8 Weeks to Wellness patient.
*Results may vary. No individual result should be seen as typical.

“It has been a big stepping stone for me! I could choose what I wanted to eat.”* -Mrs. Becky 8 Weeks to Wellness patient

*Results may vary. No individual result should be seen as typical.

*Cost to patients can vary from $99-$299 per week depending on individual
circumstances, call office for details. 

Seeking relief from ailments and health issues can often be a long, difficult road. At Perry Chiropractic Health Center, we strive to help people live better with the 8 Weeks to Wellness® Program (8WW). This unique program is designed to offer a comprehensive wellness approach, attempting to optimize how patients think, eat and exercise. The program’s intended goal is to proactively empower individuals to impact their own lives.

Developed by Drs. Dane Donohue and Denise Chranowski, twins and third generation chiropractors specializing in health and wellness, the 8WW program incorporates chiropractic, massage therapy, nutritional and weight-loss counseling*, personal fitness training and mindfulness. The eight-week program includes:
  • Complete Physical with Computerized Muscle Testing
  • Postural Analysis
  • Body Fat Percentages
  • Complete Blood Work and Spinal X-rays
  • Full Body Fitness Assessment
  • Three Meals, Two Ultrameal® Shakes Daily
  • Daily Meditation Instruction
  • Two Chiropractic Adjustments Weekly
  • One Weekly Full-Body Massage
  • Two On-Site Weekly Personal Training Sessions
  • Personalized Diet Program and Vitamin Therapy
At the conclusion of the program, patients are reassessed and provided with a copy of their evaluation and results. Patients typically experience positive effects to their health and lives after completing the program, including:
  • Lose inches off their hips and waist*
  • Lose pounds of fat*
  • Decreased blood pressure*
  • Decreased cholesterol/triglycerides*
  • Decreased symptoms*
  • Increased health satisfaction score*
  • Decreased BMI*
  • And more*
*Results may vary from person to person, and are not guaranteed. Perry Chiropractic Health Center does not have the means to independently evaluate the safety or functionality of the products offered by our suppliers and affiliates, and thus can neither endorse nor recommend any of the products described on this site. The information contained within is of a general nature and for information and educational purposes only. Any claims or statements regarding the products and health conditions have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. Information and products within this site are not for the purpose of diagnosing, treating, curing or preventing disease. If you have health concerns regarding your health or the health of a loved one, you should always consult with a healthcare professional or physician.

Program Information

8WW is a time-flexible program that operates in 70 centers nationally and internationally. Cost varies depending on location, however, there is a no-cost and no-obligation orientation for the program in each center where program costs are thoroughly reviewed in detail.

Program costs include the meal replacement shakes, supplements, meal plans, easy recipes and a nutritional log. Although the program concerns wellness, it’s firmly based on a chiropractic foundation and methodology.

Seek Wellness with Perry Chiropractic’s 8 Weeks to Wellness® Program

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